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Has your dog ever done the funny dance of sitting down, lifting its back legs up, then pulling itself across the floor with its front paws? Yep, they have the scoot.  But not to worry, here is what may be going on…

While our dogs have the uncanny flexibility to lick their rear areas, it’s not always enough to scratch or take care of an issue associated with their Anal Glands.  A dog has two anal glands, located on either side of its anus.  These little bad boys excrete a foul smelling brown liquid which normally expelled when the dog defecates.  Its purpose is making territory and/or communicating with other animals.  However, sometimes there are problems in the plumbing, and the anal glands become ‘impacted’, usually meaning full, or infected.  The butt scoot is an attempt by the dog to release the glands on their own.  If the scoot persists, give a call to your vet or groomer and they can express the glands.

If the dog is still scooting, there are other possible issues to examine…. Check the under tail area to see if there is skin irritation—maybe a hot spot?  Running a fecal to ensure your dog doesn’t have worms is another option.  Some dogs are prone to having anal gland issues and may need them expressed on a monthly basis.

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