Puppy Playground Dog Daycare

Daycare at Puppy Playground offers a completely interactive day for your dog! Promoting a fun and active environment where dogs get to be dogs, pups are free to romp with canine friends in our huge indoor/outdoor play areas.  Daycare is cage-free and to ensure safe play groups, each dog participating must first complete our Enrollment application.

Daycare services are offered Monday – Friday from 7AM – 7 PM.  All dogs who wish to participate in playtime must be dropped off to the facility before 12:00 Noon.  This helps to ensure safe play groups and monitor activity levels.

Puppy Playground emphasize dog:dog play and social interactions.  Daycare is an excellent way to begin puppy socialization to other dogs.  Our team of Pack Leaders constantly watches and directs the pups in our care.  Within daycare, we have obstacles to play on, and offer splash pools during the summer!  Dogs who display signs of fear or aggression are not allowed to participate in daycare.

Full Day

Additional Family Dog(s)
$22.50 each

Half Day

Additional Family Dog(s)
$10 each

Overnight Stay

Daycare Cost Additional

Why Doggy Daycare?

Perfect for energetic and bouncy dogs, our daycare will burn off excess energy and virtually alleviate the need for you the owner to provide additional exercise. Daycare is also highly beneficial for puppies seeking socialization, dogs who may be timid or unsure around other dogs, or an overweight dog needing to shed some lbs.  We can help the dogs learn the proper social skills to better interact with other dogs.  All our dogs play together and are not separated by size, therefore dogs must be a minimum of 10 pounds to participate.

Daycare Hours
  • Daycare is available Monday – Friday from 7am – 7pm
  • All dogs attending daycare must be dropped off by 12:00 noon and be picked-up by 7:00pm.
  • Dogs left after 7:00pm will be treated to an overnite stay in one of our suites.
Initial Behavioral Evaluations

The first day for a new client begins with a behavioral evaluation.

  1. During the evaluation, the dog will be initially exposed to one other dog and carefully monitored to watch their body language and ensure safety.
  2. Assuming the meet-and-greet goes well, the new dog is taken into an area with a few additional dogs to continue introduction to the pack.
  3. Once the dogs join into the daycare fun, they are free to run themselves silly.

Expect to pick up a tired, satisfied dog who will be ready to eat a good dinner and sleep!

Don’t Forget to Groom

While attending daycare, you can take advantage of our grooming services.  We offer baths, nail trims, de-shedding treatments, and other services.  We do not offer any clipping services.  Simply let us know which services you would like to have when you drop off.