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Starting at $10

Small dog, short hair: $10

Small dog, long hair: $17

Large dog, short hair: $15

Large dog, long hair: $25

Over 100 lbs, addt’l $10

Basic Hygiene
Starting at $5

Nail trim: $10

Nail file w Dremmel: $15

Ear Cleaning: $5

Teeth Cleaning: $5

Feisty or squirrely dogs: +$10

Starting at $10

Small dog FUR-minator: $10

Large dog FUR-minator: $20

Long Coat: additional $10

Post FUR-minator bath: $10*

*no matter size or coat

Services can be booked upon drop-off at the facility.

For Dogs with Sensitive Skin...

The charges for baths are dependent on size of dog and length of coat. Oatmeal shampoo is available for dogs with dry and/or sensitive skin for no extra fee.

The FUR-minator Advantage

The FUR-minator process safely removes dead hair and undercoat and make a dramatic difference to coat quality, shine and the amount of fur on the floor.

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