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Our pups love getting the chance to ride along in the car and take in the world!  They love sticking their face out the window and smell all the good stuff we as humans miss out on.  But next time you take a ride, a few things to consider:

  • Keep pets in the back seat, or rear cargo areas of the vehicle
  • Pets should NEVER be on your lap when driving
  • Utilizing a crate or a dog seat-belt are ideal ways to have your friend in the car
  • Do not roll the window fully down– only lower it enough to get part of their head out; never have it low enough they could jump out!
  • Some dogs learn how to operate the power window button; utilize your child safety locks!

car crates

Every year, hundreds of  pets are killed during motor vehicle accidents, or lost after a crash.  A scared dog is likely to run off, across busy traffic, and may hide from strangers who attempt to help.  A dog who was crated during a vehicle accident is most likely to survive and be uninjured.  Also, ensuring your dog is wearing a collar with ID tags and is microchipped increase your chance of recovery should they be ejected or run off.

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