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For our boarding dogs, the price for the stay is designed as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ system in an attempt to most correctly mirror the charges to the services being provided.  Each day the dog is in our facility will result in a charge for daycare; any stay less than 6 hours will be a charge of $12.50, and any stay over 6 hours will be a charge of $25.  An additional $10 overnight fee is assessed when the dog sleeps at our facility.  Pick-up and drop-off hours on both Saturday & Sunday are from 8-10 AM 7 from 5-7 PM.  During the weekends, the dogs still participate in playtime, however it is broken up into a morning session and an afternoon session.  In between the play sessions, the dogs are in their kennels.  This is a different structure than our Monday – Friday format.


For example, Rosco is dropped off on Saturday morning at 9 AM & is picked up on Sunday at 6:30, the charge is $60 (2 daycare @ $25 + $10 0vernight)

For example, if Libby is dropped on Friday at 2:30 PM and picked up Sunday at 5:30 PM, the charge is $82.50 (Half day Friday $12.50, full daycare Saturday & Sunday @$25 each + 2 overnights @ $10)

If Bob is dropped off Saturday morning at 8:00 and picked up Sunday morning at 9:30, the charge is $47.50 (Full day Saturday $25, + $10 overnight + $12.50 for Sunday morning half day play.

If you have any questions regarding pricing, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff!




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