• Thank you to all the staff at puppy playground in Avon for taking GREAT care of my Jye for the last 9 days. I have always said you guys are the best well now I know THERE IS NO place like you!!!! Again THANK YOU, but I do believe Jye will not have any energy for the next 2 day and I am very happy about that 🙂

  • "Louie, our black lab, loves Puppy Playground (PP). He has been playing regularly at PP for almost six years. The staff is caring and knows your pet. Deb, the owner, is great and is always helpful. I have recommended PP to many people, and I know your dog will love it too!"

    Mary Ann
  • "Our baby Bo loves going Puppy Playground -- This place is the best in Indy! Bo attends the west side location (Rockville Rd) and we love it. We moved down from South Bend where his daycare had a ton of outdoor space and an amazing staff. After doing a ton of research, I found Puppy Playground. They had the most outdoor space of any of the places I found in the city. They also have great prices! And their staff is awesome -- going above and beyond every time Bo goes to play."

  • "LOVE Puppy Playground!! Staff is wonderful! My two great danes, Teddy and Ava, are treated so well--lots of play and tlc, Happy and tired when picked up. Wouldn't go anywhere else!"

  • "LOVE THIS PLACE! PuppyPlayground is more than just a dog daycare. Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to foster a Golden Retriever from GRRACE. I needed to leave for a conference in Chicago and felt very comfortable leaving her at Puppy Playground. When I came back, she didn't want to come home! Maggie had abandonment and nervous issues, both of which were attended to by the Puppy Playground staff. They also discussed ways for me to help Maggie with her personality at home. Puppy Playground definitely goes the extra mile to take care of their residents as well as their clients. They know everyone by name, which you never find at almost any business nowadays. I would recommend this facility regardless of the type/age/breed of dog. Puppy Playground also participates in many philanthropic activities and does a great job of being active in our community."

  • "Our two year old Australian Shepherd, Gracie Tango (aka "Crazy Mango") loves Puppy Playground more than home! She romps all day and gets extra snuggles and pets from the amazing staff. It is the ONLY thing that calms our pup down and is a life saver with our busy schedules. I've never felt so comfortable boarding a pet as I do when I've left Gracie for an extended stay at Puppy Playground. BTW, this goes for both locations - as she spends time at both. They are equally accommodating, professional, friendly, and down right Awesome!! Thanks everyone!"

  • "BEST STAFF! Is there a word(s) that you can't say out loud in front of your dog, otherwise he/she will get super excited? Most dogs, is "walk" or "ride" or even "treat". For our dog Maya, we can't say "PUPPY PLAYGROUND", we have to shorten it to "PP". She immediately get's so excited that she runs around all over the house and is looking for her leash and can't get out to the car fast enough. If she could talk, I know she would say "going to see my friends!!!!, MOM, come on!". She is so loved by the staff and is always accepted with smiles, no matter how long it's been since her last visit. They are by far the best staff and the best prices. Either location is not close to our home, but we don't mind driving out of our way to give Maya the best experience and best care. Thanks you PP staff! Kirsty, Chad and Maya Peters"

  • I wanted to say thanks for "taking" Emma in. Emma is our rescue and my husband and I began to worry about Emma and her social skills with other dogs. We took Emma to a different daycare facility in which she was labeled "a bully" and having "low self-confidence." That facility kicked Emma out of the daycare program and would not let her interact with the other dogs; I believed that this was because she was a pit bull and they did not want to take the time to work with her. Then I heard about Puppy Playground through a friend. I told the staff of Emma's history before we adopted her, her long medical history, and her having been attacked by another dog. Deb was very open to having Emma go thru their evaluation process and told me to bring her in. I did but was very nervous about how Emma would respond. Fast forward five months...Emma LOVES it there and we have a new dog. Puppy Playground staff worked with Emma and now she is a princess there and treated like one 🙂 At home now she is calm and is wonderful with our 9 month old son. We are currently working on a new issue...during walks, Emma thinks every dog she sees is her best friend and she has to say "hi." We have some dogs that attend Puppy playground with Emma that live in our neighborhood. She recognizes them and has to say "hi!" Oh, and when she does not get to go "school" as we call it, she pouts all day in her bed until I ask her if she wants to go to "school." It is quite hilarious. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Puppy Playground accepted Emma the pit bull  for who she was and who she is. She has the biggest heart and is our cuddle bug at home. We can not thank Puppy Playground enough for what they have done!

  • "Dino loves going to the Puppy Playground and playing with his pals. He wishes he could go every day. I love it because it helps keep his energy level in check at home by providing the necessary activities during the day. He is always looking good from his baths and nail trimmings. Dino also enjoyed... ... his extended stay during our vacation and the staff was nice enough to send us a cell phone picture of him to ease our mind. The staff at the Puppy Playground is very friendly and always call Dino's name like he is Norm entering Cheers. I know Dino is safe at the Puppy Playground. I highly recommend it!"

    Dino's Mom