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Safe, Clean & Healthy has always been the top priority for Puppy Playground.  Canine Influenza, or “dog flu” outbreaks have been reported in cities throughout the Midwest, including Chicago, Cincinnati, and Columbus, OH.  While no known cases of Canine Influenza have been reported in Indianapolis, we do not want to wait until it is too late to protect our pets against this respiratory illness.  The dog flu is primarily spread by dog-to-dog contact, such as interacting within a daycare or dog park setting.

A vaccine designed to protect our pets against the two strains of dog flu is now available, and we strongly encourage you to speak with your veterinarian as soon as possible about the vaccine.  As of 11/1/2018, canine influenza vaccine will become required for dogs attending daycare or overnight boarding at Puppy Playground. The initial vaccine requires two doses, spaced 2 – 4 weeks apart; after initial doses, an annual booster is administered.

Puppy Playground will be offering vaccine clinics for existing clients with pups who have not yet received the Dog Flu inoculation.  Veterinary technicians from Paw Patch Clinic will be on-site:

  • 65th St Store: Wednesday, May 23 & June 13th 2018

  • Rockville Rd store:  on Tuesday, June 26 and Tuesday, July 17 2018

Sign-up forms are available in our lobby; please complete and send back to Puppy Playground if you choose to schedule your dog.  A $40 fee covers both shots.  Please note, your dog will need to be present at Puppy Playground BOTH days to be fully vaccinated.  If you do not wish to have your dog attend daycare that day, but still wish to participate in the vaccine clinic, an appointment time can be created.

Flyers are also available, outlining how the dog flu presents in infected canines.  Chief among symptoms are coughing, sneezing, fever, lethargy, loss of appetite and nasal discharge.  Canine influenza is highly contagious and spreads easily from dog to dog or is transmitted indirectly through bowls, toys, clothes, or hands of the owner. Unlike human flu, which is seasonal, canine influenza can strike all year round.  Sadly, pets can be contagious and not be showing clinical signs.  While most pets fully recover with proper medical attention, more severe cases can lead to pneumonia.

Please help us to protect all the dogs in our care by having your pet receive this vaccine as soon as possible.  If your pet has already received the dog flu vaccine, we greatly appreciate you bringing in records from your vet indicating such.  Your vet can also fax or email records to us.

For additional information, resources, videos, outbreak map & data, and more, visit

Thank you for your partnership in keeping all our dogs safe!

Puppy Playground Team

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