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Does your pup need medications during their stay? We are happy to administer your pet’s oral or trans-dermal medications. (Please note, we are unable to administer injections.)

When arriving for boarding, please have the medication clearly labeled with your dog’s name, the dosage & frequency of the medication, as well as a description of what the medication is for.  We appreciate having the medication separated out from the dog’s food.  A medication intake form will also need to be completed by the owner.

We use pill pockets, peanut butter or other methods to entice the dog to take the medication; direct pilling for dogs who refuse the good stuff.  A $1 per administration fee will be assessed for each time your pet requires medication, regardless of the number of individual medications.  For example, a pup who takes 3 medications at breakfast will have a $1/day fee.  A pup who takes 2 pills at breakfast and 2 at dinner will have two separate administration fees, for a total of $2/day.  Please note supplements (fish oil, glucosamine, etc) are considered medications.



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