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Sometimes it’s nice to bundle up and walk the dog on a crisp winter day, however, those more frigid, grey, icy days can make it unsafe to exercise the pup outdoors.  Here are 5 ways to stave off boredom and keep your pup entertained, exercised, and out of trouble this winter:

1. Make mealtime more interesting: Instead of feeding Spot’s 1 cup out of his bowl, have him work for it.  Treat dispensing toys make dogs engage their brain, working to get food.  Instead of inhaling dinner in 30 seconds, it may take 30 minutes.  Favorites are Kong Wobblers & Tricky Treat Balls.

2. Unlimited Month of daycare: PP offers 30-day consecutive passes to daycare for $412.50 — that’s the price of 15 full days.  If you’re having a busy month, or don’t want to risk falling on ice when walking your pup, this package rocks. Family discounts apply for multi-dog households.

3. Take the stairs: Your pup have ball or retrieve drive?  Try throwing their fav toy up and down the staircase a few dozen times.  Just beware of crash landings!

4. Dust off the treadmill:  Train your dogs to walk themselves!  Here’s a video that helps break down the steps.  Be sure to use lots of yummy treats, and be patient as they acclimate to a new sensation & sounds. Good goal for day one is 10-30 seconds, then gradually build.

5. Puzzles: Back to engaging the dog’s brain to burn energy.  These puzzles teach them to use their nose to find treats (Trixie makes several levels to choose from)!  A similar game you can play with Spot is hide the treat under a cup… take those old Pizza Express cups out of the cabinet, use 3-5 cups and place a smelly treat under one of them.  Teach the dog to find which cup is hiding the treat!

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