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Puppy Playground

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Welcome to our FAQ page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

What is your holiday schedule?

While our doors may be closed during specific holidays, our staff is in to provide care all 365 days of the year.

New Years Day, January 1 : CLOSED, no drop-off or pick-ups

Memorial Day: Operate on weekend hours of 8-10 AM & 5-7 PM

Independence Day, July 4: CLOSED, no drop-off or pick-ups

Labor Day: CLOSED, no drop-off or pick-ups

Thanksgiving Day: CLOSED, no drop-off or pick-ups

Black Friday: Operate on weekend hours of 8-10 AM & 5-7 PM

Christmas Eve: Operate on weekend hours of 8-10 AM & 5-7 PM

Christmas Day: CLOSED, no drop-off or pick-ups

How do I enroll my dog?

The first step is to complete our Temperament Evaluation process. Safety is our first priority, so we do this to ensure all the dogs are socially stable and get along and play well with others. New dog evaluations are conducted Monday – Thursday and last approximately two hours. There is no charge for the evaluation, and if your dog is doing well, they are more than welcome to stay past the two hours and enjoy daycare!

Do you administer medications?

Yes, we are happy to administer your pet’s oral or trans-dermal medications.

When arriving for boarding, please have the medication clearly labeled with your dog’s name, the dosage & frequency of the medication, as well as a description of what the medication is for.

Example: Dakota Wilson, 1 glucosamine 2x/day  (Joint Supplement); 1 Proin 2x/day (For urinary incontinence)

We use pill pockets, peanut butter, or other methods to entice the dog to take the medication; direct pilling for dogs who refuse the good stuff.

Please note, we are unable to administer injections.

What vaccinations do you require?

Guests at Puppy Playground must be up-to-date on DHLPP (Distemper 5:1 vaccine), Rabies, Bordetella, bivalent Canine Influenza, and year-round flea and heartworm preventative.

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered?

All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered. Any dog less than 6 months old may still be intact.

At what age do you start puppies?

Puppies may start daycare at 12 weeks of age, provided they have had their second round of puppy vaccinations, including bordetella, a negative fecal, and have been started on flea and heartworm prevention.

Do I need a reservation?

Once your dog has successfully completed the evaluation, there is no need for a daycare reservation, you can show up and drop off Monday – Friday! If you need boarding or weekend daycare, we do ask you to make a reservation. During holidays or peak seasons, we may ask for a credit card number to hold the reservation.

Do you have any breed restrictions?

No, we do not have any breed restrictions. We do have health and temperament restrictions and evaluate all dogs to meet this criterion.

Are all the dogs out playing together?

Yes, we provide cage-free, interactive play to all dogs in the facility. All dogs are running around, playing together, and have constant access to go both inside and outside at their will. We do have a special area for small or shy dogs, however, most prefer to be in the pack, running around with their friends.

What if a dog does not get along with my dog?

Sometimes dogs have bad days too. If we can work with the dogs to help redirect and correct the behaviors, we will do so. Sometimes a little nap or time-out is enough to solve a problem. However, if we feel there is a safety risk to the other dogs, we reserve the right to remove any dog from the play area at any time.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your dog in on a leash wearing a collar with an ID tag. Dogs staying overnight should plan to bring food and any medication. We are happy to provide bowls, water dishes, and bedding. Please no glass or rawhide items.

Where do the dogs sleep?

Dogs staying overnight sleep indoors inside their own personal suite. Both facilities are heated and air-conditioned and provide a comfortable, climate-controlled setting. Suite sizes range from 5' x 10' to 5' x 5' and the dogs are given the largest size available.

Can someone else pick up my dog?

If you are unable to pick up, just let us know. We are happy to allow other approved individuals to pick up your dog. You are also more than welcome to pre-pay for services or we can take a credit card via the phone.

Do you offer traditional, kennel-style boarding?

During boarding, ALL our dogs participate in cage-free playtime with other dogs. Many dogs benefit from extra nap time during the day, and we are happy to accommodate any requests for doggie downtime. The staff also monitors the dogs throughout play and can offer quiet, sleep time to any dog getting worn out from the 12 hours of play.

Do you have any late fees?

All dogs must be dropped off FOR BOARDING at least 30 minutes before close or will result is $10 late drop-off fee.

DAYCARE or BOARDING dogs picked up later than 10 minutes AFTER we close will result in a $10 late pick-up fee.

Can my dog wear a collar during their visit?

As a safety precaution, we require dogs to wear clip collars or quick-release collars. Martingales or collars with buckles or prongs are not allowed. Feel free to reach out if you are unsure if your pup's collar will be accepted.