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Dog Grooming

While your pup is at Puppy Playground, take advantage of our grooming services! Simply request at the time of drop-off and let us know what time you’d like to pick-up. Services are a la carte and prices are per pup.

Dog being bathed at Puppy Playground

It’s Great To Take Home A Tired & Clean Dog!

At Puppy Playground, we offer a variety of grooming services which can be booked beforehand or upon drop-off at our facility. From baths, to specific cleanings, to de-shedding with our FUR-minator, our groomers will make your pooch look and feel their best.

Services & Rates

Services can be booked upon drop-off at the facility. Seasonal or peak pricing rates may apply to your pet’s visit.

Dog in bath at Puppy Playground


Starting at $10

Small dog: $15

Medium/Large dog: $20

Extra Large dog: $35

Dog in bath at Puppy Playground


Starting at $10

Small dog: $15

Medium/Large dog: $20

Extra Large dog: $35

Dog having nails trimmed at Puppy Playground

Basic Hygiene

Starting at $5

Nail trim: $12

Nail file with Dremmel: $17

Ear Cleaning: $5

Teeth Cleaning: $5

Feisty or squirrely dogs: +$10

Dog De-Shedding at Puppy Playground


Starting at $10

Small dog FUR-minator: $10

Large dog FUR-minator: $20

Long Coat: additional $10

Post FUR-minator bath: $10*

*no matter size or coat

What if my dog has sensitive skin?

The charges for baths are dependent on size of dog and length of coat. Oatmeal shampoo is available for dogs with dry and/or sensitive skin for no extra fee.

What is the FUR-minator?

The FUR-minator process safely removes dead hair and undercoat and make a dramatic difference to coat quality, shine and the amount of fur on the floor.

What is the difference between clipping and dremeling nails?

We offer two options for nail trimming. The first uses traditional nail clippers, the second option uses a dremel tool with a special attachment which files the nails down to a more smooth and round surface. We recommend using the dremel if you have hardwood floors or a dog who jumps and/or scratches.

Traditional clipper trim: $12

Dremel filing: $17

Still Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Check out our FAQ page by clicking the link below, or feel free to contact your local Puppy Playground location.